Save Money On Your Next Trip To Old Navy When You Visit www.Survey4on.com

About web survey

When you visit the website www.Survey4on.com, you will be able to take a survey about your latest shopping trip to an Old Navy Store. The Survey will ask you a lot of questions about how you felt during your last shopping trip at Old Navy. The questions at www.Survey4on.com are easy to answer. A few of them are based on details on your receipt. However, the rest of them are all easy to answer questions about your demographic details or questions about your shopping experience. The entire survey process at www.Survey4on.com takes between six and twelve minutes to complete.

The information that is gathered by the survey at www.Survey4on.com is used by Old Navy to help improve the shopping conditions at their store. Customers can take pride in the fact that they are helping Old Navy to improve the shopping experiences of their clients. However, Old Navy does not expect their customers to waste six to twelve minutes for free. At the completion of the survey, all of the survey participants will be given a coupon for a ten percent discount for their next shopping trip.

About company

Old Navy is a clothing brand and a chain of retail stores that are owned by Gap, Inc. Currently, there are over 1,000 Old Navy stores in the United Sates. The four largest stores are located in New York City, the Mall of American in a suburb of Minneapolis, Seattle, Chicago, and San Francisco. The largest of these five locations is the flagship store in San Francisco. This city is also the home to this corporation’s headquarters.

In spite of the vast number of locations, this store has not had that long of a history. Their first stores were opened in Northern California in 1994. Originally, Gap, Inc. opened the first three stores as Gap Warehouse Stores. The idea behind this concept was that these stores would sell merchandise that is similar to what they sell at the Gap but for lower prices. Eventually, however, the store quickly became its own entity. Although they continue to be owned by the Gap, they do not sell Gap brand clothing. However, most people with an eye for fashion can quickly see the relationship between these two brands on a stylistic level. Old Navy clothes are often very similar to Gap clothes, but they are cut more generously and sold with lower price tags.

The very first year of their history, the store was renamed to Old Navy, and fifty seven locations were opened. The name was derived from the name of a café that the chain’s creator saw while he was visiting Paris. Within only a few years, the chain became international. In 1999, they opened six stores in Puerto Rico, and two years later, they opened twelve stores in the Toronto area of Canada. In 2004, their expansion into Canada was continued with seven stores opening in Quebec.

In 2005, the company was re-branded. At this time, the then-president revamped the store so that it could compete with Hollister Co. and American Eagle Outfitters. However, this re-branding was not successful, and the president was asked to leave the company.

In 2008, Old Navy was again re-branded. This time, they rolled out a new store design called Project One. The information collected by www.Survey4on.com helps the corporation to determine if this re-branding has been successful. The store’s new design combines a better layout, brighter lights, more vibrant colors, and quick change stations.

Survey Incentives

Many of the store surveys that you can take online offer very big prizes. However, survey at the www.Survey4on.com does not offer a large prize. However, they do offer a prize to absolutely everyone who participates in the survey. At the end of the survey, all of the participants will be given a coupon for their next shopping trip.

This coupon allows them to save ten percent. It can be used on the Old Navy website or at any of their stores. Because it offers ten percent savings, customers will save more money as they spend more money. For instance, if they only spend ten dollars, they will only save one dollar. However, if they spend several hundreds of dollars, they will get the chance to save tens of dollars.

How to Participate in the Company Survey?

When you visit the website www.Survey4on.com, you will be directed to a survey for the Old Navy stores. In order to take the survey, you will need the receipt from the last time that you shopped there. You will be prompted to enter several pieces of information that are founded on the receipt, but more importantly, you will be asked to answer questions about your shopping experience.

There are no correct answers to most of the customer satisfaction questions that you will find on www.Survey4on.com. How you answer these questions is based on your own discretion, and you can expect to see several questions about how you were treated by their employees, how easy or difficult it was to find items, why you were shopping there, and whether or not they had what you were looking for in stock. The survey can be taken in English, French or Spanish.

The survey information that is collected at www.Survey4on.com is collected by the independent research company Lieberman Research World Wide. All of the information that they collect is confidential, and customers do not have to worry about Old Navy or their parent company selling customer information. Because everyone who enters the survey is essentially a winner, there is currently no way to enter the survey if you have not recently shopped there.

After you complete the survey at www.Survey4on.com, you will be given your coupon. You can use this during your next shopping trip, and as stated above, it is good for a ten percent discount. That means that the more you spend, the more you will save. For instance, it you spend $100, you will save $10, but if you spend $300, you will save $30.

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